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Calvin Martins

Owner of the Company

Dreamstone Global is a Management Consultancy firm providing expertise to businesses from different industries of different sizes in fields of Business Strategy, Marketing (including Promotions), Business Development and Financial Management.

The firm was started with the idea to help businesses progress and grow, to partner with them, to accomplish goals and visions, to overcome obstacles.

Over the years we have seen Businesses struggle as they are unable to focus on the core of the business. Instead managers (and company resources) put a lot of effort on non-core and unimportant activities. This is inefficient and costly.

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest!”

-Tom Peters (writer of business management practices)

Want to increase revenue & ROI? Want to reduce costs?

Need specialized skills and expertise in a field?

Want to improve customer satisfaction & repeat customers?

We provide solutions and services to our clients by providing access to skilled labour – talents, knowledge and experience. We will understand your business, your challenges and accordingly provide you solutions in the necessary fields to get desired outcomes. The expertise and solutions we offer can be a critical tool in improving your overall business, giving you an edge over your competitors. We are your business partners in your endeavour for success. We are professional and organised and we will do all it takes to create the best outcomes.

We take over responsibility of any business function – wholly or partly – so the organisation can focus on its core bringing about multiple benefits.

If there is any challenge that needs to be solved, if any vision needs to be accomplished any strategy that needs to be discovered, Contact us.

Map of Services

Expertise we provide lie in the fields of Business Strategy, Marketing, Business Development and Financial Management.

How do I improve Sales & Revenues?

How do I penetrate the market or improve conversion?

How to attract clients and stimulate them to take action?

Online and offline promotions, where do I start?

If these are some of the questions you have, we can help you. Our main focus is Marketing. We can provide insights through Market research. Or run your online and offline promotions to increase brand awareness. Whatever your needs might be, our team is dedicated to provide you suitable outcomes.

Need help with expansion, Leads generation, Managing Sales and Conversion We can handle it for you. From cold calls, to meetings, convincing clients. We will put in the right people to get the job done.

Need help with Costs and Management accounting, GST, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement. We can provide you with the required expertise to not only create the necessary documents but to make decisions from them. Make informed and smart decisions.

Launching a new Business, Product or Service? Confused? Stressed? Don’t know where to start?

We help you become the next success story. We help from creating your strategy, to execution – formalities,  permissions, office setup, staffing, and completing Goals – Planning to Execution.

Need help organising a product launch? We can help organise your event professionally

Noticing a decline in employee productivity? Worried about employee retention? Want to increase engagement & skills? Want the right employee for the job?

Hiring & Staffing, Employee Relations, Compensation, Training and Development are some of the functions we support. Let your office run efficiently.

Services we provide can be Strategic or Operational.  In operational, we execute your plan, while in Strategic we create the plan for you, from the Vision & Mission of your business to execution of Goals.

Not sure how to take the Business ahead?

If you need a guide, a partner to help you on your path to growth, let us know. If you are in need of any expertise in any field, we will be glad to help you.

Benefits We Deliver

Get desired results – We take full responsibility and ownership of the project and we will deliver results. Feel assured of Progress & Growth. Competent experts are in the field. We are organized and professional, updating client regularly of progress being made.

Focus on core duties – By delegating work to us, client can focus on core business that defines their brand.

Quality Services – By delegating tasks to us, clients can focus on their central business functions, leading to improved quality of products & services, increasing your ability to respond quickly to change. Any customer complaints or problems can be handled swiftly and smoothly.

Increased Efficiency Entrepreneurs, Managers and Directors often have to spend their working hours juggling between many projects and departments, stretching their limits and often involving skills that are not part of their core competence? Get rid of these costly and inefficient practices. We are your Business partner, let us help you.

Improved Innovations – With a new focus on core duties, new ideas can be developed leading to innovation. Outsourced work is also handled by trained experts, leading to improvements here as well.

Frees up internal resources – Delegating your processes to us can free up your internal resources that could be put in to effective use.

The solutions we provide can lead to reduced turnaround time, higher quality output, delivery of a better product and service hence improving customer satisfaction & loyalty.

One of the major benefits of working with us is the cost savings we deliver which can have a significant increase of the bottom line.

Reduced Labour cost – Pay for services only when needed. No need to place an employee on Pay roll for part time services. Due to economies of scale, we can offer services at a decent rate.

Reduced Operational cost – No need to worry about rent, electricity and other overheads, we handle all of that for you.

Buffer Capital –  Cost savings can create a buffer capital that can be leveraged in a manner that best profits the company.

Part of our business involves expanding to your needs, By delegating tasks to us, you get access to talents, knowledge and experience.

Clients don’t need to hire trained experts or spend time & money to train current employees. Any task you have can be completed effectively and efficiently by our trained experts.

We keep learning and gathering information, adapting to new scenarios,  updating ourselves regularly with the latest trends. This in turn gives us the ability to deliver our clients the best ideas, innovations and strategies.

The solutions we provide results in increased revenues, reduced costs, improvements in productivity, customer loyalty, quality of products & services, business value, profits, and much more.

Providing theses benefits is what we do, helping you surpass all competitors and giving you an edge.

Easy steps to your Growth

Step 1

First Contact
Email or call us - provide us your contact details, your position and information about your company. Provide us a brief summary of your needs

Step 2

Analysing your Needs
A detailed understanding of your requirements and resources needed. An estimate of cost.

Step 3

Project Approval
Confirming all details and Signing of a service level agreement.

Step 4

Project Launch
Organising all requirements, Deploying all resources Starting the project

Step 4

Project Management
Reports, feedback

“Your success is our success”

Interested in requesting our services? Call us & let us know.


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